DISH Smartbox

A Revolutionary Video Platform

Smart InnovationDeliver HD at the lowest cost per channel.  All guests can now experience HD where they once had to be satisfied with watching SD analog.

ScalableDeliver video to multiple areas of your property from a single platform, using 90% less energy than a traditional Head-End

AdaptableThe first consolidated video platoform that has the ability to service any property.  More than 40 possible system configurations using a single Smartbox.

Amazing ChoicesUp to 96 HD Channels distributed via QAM with Pro:Idiom encryption.  The Chassis can be wall-mounted, or rack mounted depending on your needs!

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Multiple Areas

The Smartbox delivers video to multiple areas on one platform. In-Room, Lounge Areas, and Fitness areas from one box using existing wiring.

Low Cost

The Smartbox eliminates the need for expensive cooling systems and uses 90% less power than a Head-End.

24/7 Monitoring

DISH monitors the Smartbox via wireless modem. Limiting downtime and designed to operate 24/7 in a commercial environment.

HD Over Coax

The Smartbox delivers HD Over existing wiring, eliminating the need for HD receivers in rooms.


The Smartbox can also deliver video property areas via iPTV. Perfect for fitness machines or lounge area TV's.

Simple Installation

The Smartbox works with existing property wiring, making the installation affordable and simple.


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"96 Channels of HD & SD! Perfect for Hotels and Motels"

Aaron L., GLSM LLC.

"Senior Care Facilities and Hospitals are Going to Love This!"

Michelle I., Minimo Services Inc.

"A Fraction of the Size of a Head-End and 90% Power Reduction – Great work DISH!"

Steve T. Tine Builders Inc.

Smartbox Q&A

A Few Answers Regarding the Smartbox


Is Smartbox Available Now?

The DISH Smartbox is available for Pre-Order on a limited basis. There is only a select group of DISH retailers allowed to advertise and install the Smartbox. Public launch of the Smartbox is scheduled sometime in Q3 2014. You can have the Smartbox installed & serviced BEFORE public launch. Pre-Order Now.


What Types of Properties Can the Smartbox Service?

The Smartbox is the perfect TV Distribution solution for Hotels, Motels, Senior Care Facilities, Universities, Student Housing, Hospitals and RV Parks.


What is the Cost?

The Smartbox cost depends on a number of factors, including on the amount of channels being distributed, encryption, HD / SD, type of programming and more. To customize a solution for your property, please fill out the pre-order form and we will tailor the Smartbox to your needs.


What Do you Mean Scalable?

The Smartbox has been designed to be a leader in TV distribution technology. The platform can grow with your distribution needs, including adding channels, arranging the Electronic Programming Guide, incorporating property service channels, allowing for Over The Air reception and more.


How Big is the Smartbox?

The Smartbox is slightly larger than a microwave. Reducing the traditional Head-End footprint by over 90%, as well as using only 10% of the energy. Space savings, and major energy savings!


Who is Using the Smartbox?

The Smartbox is currently being featured in select Best Western Hotel locations, as well as exclusive locations across the country.


How Many Channels Can the Smartbox Deliver?

The Smartbox can deliver up to 96 Channels, using existing infrastructure wiring. Distribution can be completed either over exisiting coax, or data cable for ipTV.


Where Can I Order or Inquire for more Information?

Please fill out the form at the top of this page and one of our professionals will contact you as soon as possible.